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I came across Jura Cycle Clothing at the Tour of Cambridgeshire. Their well-cut, vintage-styled merino wool cycling jerseys stood out amid a crowded array of stands selling bikes and cycling accessories. To be honest, I wouldn’t normally buy a retro bike jersey. I’ve got a few merino base layers but I’ve never previously owned a merino cycling jersey. Being an ex-racer, I’ve always put them in the box of too old school/itchy/hot/liable to sag etc etc...Read more on


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......Though the past couple of days have featured wall to wall sunshine, i had asked the folks at jura clothing to send a long-sleeve jersey as something of a preventative measure. it turned out i was half-right. the medium example sent for review resembled (deliberately) the italian flag, though there are a number of other designs available in case you identify with an alternative nationality (currently this jersey is on special offer at £75, reduced from its more usual £90). Read more ...... from



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The Jura Short Sleeve Pale Blue/Ecru is a lovely classic style merino jersey with plenty of length in the body, and pockets that put most modern jerseys to shame. Well worth the price tag. Jura Cycle Clothing is relatively new to the UK scene, starting in 2013 and based in East Sussex. The company only does two lines - short or long sleeve merino jerseys, using Italian merino assembled in Istanbul (not Constantinople. Sorry). What marks it out is the customisation on offer - you can have pretty much any logo or wording you like embroidered anywhere on the jersey, which is great for team events or a special gift.

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The Italian merino jersey from Jura Cycle Clothing seemed to tick all the boxes. Made of 100% merino wool, it's got the traditional good looks of a retro cycling jersey but is understated enough to pass as everyday wear when off the bike.