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A list of Vintage Bike Events

( 2018.03.29 )

They call them Vintage Bike Events, Retro Rides, or even Family Rides. They celebrate the history and values of this traditional road cycling and they are open to cyclists that ride vintage bicycles and wear cycling vintage clothing.

Jura Cycle put together a list of the most famous vintage bike rides all over the world. Did we forget anything? Please let us know!

Not sure what to wear at one of these vintage cycling events? Have a look at the Jura Cycle store! We make 100% superfine merino wool jerseys that fit any retro cycling race. 

Eroica Gaiole

Eroica Britannia

Eroica Montalcino

Eroica South Africa

Eroica California

Eroica Japan

Eroica Hispania

Eroica Limburg

Tour des Trois

The Tweed Run

Velo Vintage

Chiltern Cycling Festival

Medicea Ciclostorica

La Mitica

In Velo Veritas

The Lake Pepin 3-Speed Tour

L'Intrepida Vintage Ride

Anjou Velo Vintage

Sportive Lakes

Le Loafeur

The Great Western

A L'ancienne

Ladies of the Lake

GP Canal de Castilla