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How does the cyclist Vin Denson and the ravioli go together?

( 2018.01.22 )

Vin Denson rode as a domestique for Rik Van Looy and Jacques Anquetil. He was the first British racer to win a stage of the Giro in 1966.  

"Being an Englishman in a sport run by Continentals was not the best route to a restful life in those days. It was not sufficient simply to be as good as, or even better than a French or a Belgian rider; an Englishman had to be streets better and work twice as hard to get a place” remembers Denson.

Funnily enough, the day after he won the stage at the Giro, the Italian Gazzetta dello Sport carried the headline “La droga di Denson e’ un piatto di ravioli (Denson's drug is a plate of ravioli). What’s the reason behind this awkward title?

“[The night before the stage] for our meal, we had some really delicious cappelletti and I wolfed down a plateful and told Raphaël Geminiani that if he’d get me another plate of it I’d win the stage for him next day. I wasn’t serious. I just wanted another plate of this delicious pasta, but Geminiani got up and fetched me another full plate.”

The plate, it seems, did the trick.