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Who was the worst cyclist in the history of the Giro?

The worst cyclist in the history of the Giro? Probably Luigi Malabrocca.

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Jerseys’ stories: the legendary Molteni cycling jersey

Do you know the story behind the legendary cycling jersey of the Molteni team?


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How does the cyclist Vin Denson and the ravioli go together?

Denson's drug is a plate of ravioli 

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Doping and cyclism - short funny anecdotes and Coppy’s recipe of the “La Bomba”

In the 50s and the 60s, cycle racers used to talk freely about doping.

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A list of Vintage Bike Events

They call them Vintage Bike Events, Retro Rides, or even Family Rides. They celebrate the history and values of this traditional road cycling and they are open to cyclists that ride vintage bicycles and wear cycling vintage clothing.

Jura Cycle put together a list of the most famous vintage bike rides all over the world. Did we forget anything? Please let us know!


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